Advance Capital, Inc.

Asset Based Lending and Small Business Line of Credit

Get the money you need to build your dreams. Today.

Advance Capital, Inc. can provide a small business line of credit that gives you the time and the money your business needs to grow. Our interim financial solutions allow you to pay suppliers on time, meet payroll, and take advantage of cash discounts and other business opportunities.

With increased liquidity, you can buy more inventory, process more orders, and ship more product. Plus, using an Advance Capital small business line of credit will give you improved cash flow that will allow you to offer your customers competitive sales and delivery terms to attract more business.

We specialize in offering fast and flexible options for asset based lending that allow you to build your financial strength and continue to grow your business.

Count on a name you can trust.

Since 1994, Advance Capital has consistently delivered timely, professional service with our friendly staff of experienced financial professionals. During that time, we’ve developed unique insights that have given us an edge in today’s fast-paced economy. Our team is knowledgeable about the latest products available in asset based lending that allow us to extend a small business line of credit where traditional financing cannot. We are dedicated to providing professional service every step of the way. Our rates are consistently competitive with no prepayment penalties or other hidden costs. Ever.

When you succeed, we succeed.

ACI gives businesses the resources they need to become future banking customers. By helping businesses get back into the banking pipeline, banks have the opportunity to do what they do best: establish more depository and cash management relationships, as well as solid long term bank borrowing customers. Helping both of you work together sooner: that’s what we consider to be the ultimate success.

From our offices in Seattle, Washington we specialize in meeting the needs of west coast companies and the Pacific Rim economy by providing asset based lending for startups and growing enterprises.

Contact us for a free consultation on how we can use your existing assets in inventory, accounts receivables, and real estate to provide the working capital your business needs to succeed with a small business line of credit. We make it easy to apply online so you can get your funds quickly.