Inventory Financing

Many companies have significant investments in inventory. Advance Capital can turn those assets into working capital loans with our inventory finance program. We advance funds against the value of your inventory, effectively increasing your borrowing power.

Inventory finance programs can give your company a competitive edge by increasing sales or decreasing costs. Instead of locking your funds inside a warehouse, imagine the impact on your bottom line if you can take advantage of these money-makers:

Volume Discounts

Purchase larger quantities and lower your cost of materials per unit. An extra working capital loan can also allow you to purchase inventory when prices and terms are the most advantageous – not during your heavy demand season when prices are highest.

Freight Savings

Buy raw materials in bulk and enjoy lower shipping and transportation costs.

Production Efficiencies

Realize lower costs through efficiencies of scale by using larger production runs.

Aggressive Sales Terms

In addition to options for lowering costs, inventory financing can also help by increasing revenues. With less pressure to meet tight payment deadlines for repayment of materials and labor, your company can offer more aggressive terms and incentives. These benefits help put your sales team ahead of the competition and win more contracts.

The advantages of inventory financing can also be helpful for new ventures where working capital is often at a premium and materials costs seem insurmountable. Our programs can help provide working capital loans that enable you to stock inventory and not deplete your operating cash.

The combined total of the potential savings from inventory finance programs can easily be equal to the entire net profit in some industries. Call our finance experts and see how Advance Capital can give your company a strategic advantage.