Lines of Credit

Small Business Lines of Credit

Asset based lending offers the opportunity to establish a flexible source of capital in the form of small business lines of credit. Similar to a home equity line of credit, funds are advanced based on the value of assets owned by your business.

Often, the companies that need capital the most are those that fall outside of the financial performance guidelines used by banks. FDIC requirements also affect the ability of insured banks to make startup business loans and working capital loans. Companies that are considered startups (1 to 3 years of operations) or that have exceeded the limit of available financing through banks can find their access to capital restricted at crucial times.

At Advance Capital, we understand the challenges of managing cash flow and capital, especially for newer or rapidly growing companies. Because asset based lending is not subject to the financial criteria required by the FDIC, we can provide larger small business lines of credit and startup business loans. This allows us to help you bridge the financial gap during periods of high growth, short term industry downturns, heavily seasonal markets, or the startup phase of your new venture. Our goal is to enable you to grow your business and ultimately to qualify for traditional bank financing.

Establishing a small business line of credit or startup business loan at Advance Capital provides fast, convenient access to the money you need to meet your day-to-day cash requirements. We make it easy to apply online. Just send us a signed advance request and let the power of asset based lending go to work for your business today.