Our Products

Advance Capital offers a complete selection of asset based lending services that can be tailored to your company’s specific needs. All of our financial products are designed to provide interim financing in situations when bank financing is not available.

Working Capital Business Lines of Credit up to $4 Million

As convenient and flexible as a bank line of credit. Just send us a signed advance request and you’ll have the money you need to meet your day-to-day cash requirements in the form of a  line of credit.

Inventory Financing

Use the asset value of your inventory to increase your borrowing base. The extra capital will allow you to take advantage of purchasing discounts and to offer more aggressive terms and incentives to your customers. Inventory financing is a great way to grow your business and give your company a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Accounts Receivable Financing

Do you have assets tied up in unpaid debt? Let our accounts receivable financing program turn your invoices into cash right now. We provide free credit screening of new customers and professional credit management to help you reduce bad debt exposure.

Contact the experienced financial professionals at Advance Capital today and let us show you how asset based lending can use your existing investments to provide the working capital your business needs to grow.

You can find easy application and financial statement forms available for download on our Apply Online page.